Mipa PU 242-90<br> 2K PU HC Top Coat gloss
High-quality 2K polyurethaneacrylic paint to coat commercialvehicles, metal facades and highlystressed surfaces of constructionsand machines. Excellent coverageand optimum adjustment for airmixapplication.<br><br>Mixing ratio: 3:1 by weight<br>2:1 by volume<br>Hardener: Mipa H, MS<br>Mixing ratio: 4:1 by weight<br>3:1 by volume<br>Hardener: Mipa HS<br>Thinner: Mipa 2K-Thinner
Colors: - Pricegroup 3
- Pricegroup 2
- Pricegroup 1
Boxed contents: - 5 kg
- 20 kg
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