Mipa PU 350-50 2K PU Top Coat semi gloss Anti Slip
2K polyurethane acrylic anti-slippaint with long open time for a highquality,anti-slipcoatingofwalkablemachinesand constructions.Can beappliedby brush orroller.<br><b>Approval according to DIN 51130 anti slip property - R 11.<br></b>Mixing ratio: 10:1 by weight <br>8:1 by volume<br>Hardener: Mipa PUR Plus-Härter A 60<br>Mixing ratio: 5:1 by weight <br>4:1 by volume<br>Hardener: Mipa H, PU 900-25<br>Thinner: Mipa 2K-Thinner<br>
Colors: - Pricegroup 3
- Pricegroup 2
- Pricegroup 1
Boxed contents: 5 kg
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