Mipa AK 555-20 Synthetic HS Mica Top Coat matt
High-Solid, thixotropic, high-buildmica paint based on syntheticresin with long open time for brushand roller application. Suitable forone-coat application on metal, steelas well as on zinced substrates andaluminium for interior and exterioruse. Applicable as anti-corrosivepaint as well as for decorative purposes. According to TL 918 300, sheet 72.<br><br>Thinner: Mipa 2K-Thinner<br><b>Pricegroup I<br></b>DB 501, DB 502, DB 503,<br>DB 510, DB 602, DB 701,<br>DB 702, DB 703, DB 704<br><br><b>Pricegroup II<br></b>DB 301, DB 310, DB 601,<br>DB 603, DB 610<br>
Colors: - Pricegroup 2
- Pricegroup 1
Boxed contents: 5 kg
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