Mipa 2K PUR-Deckbeschichtungsstoff
High quality 2K-polyurethane acrylicpaint for military coatings. Usedfor military vehicles, commercialvehicles and other surfaceswith high resistance requirements. <br><br><b>Approved according to BundeswehrTL 8010-0002, Class II, Type 6.</b><br>Mixing ratio: 4:1 by volumeHardener: included in the setThinner: Mipa 2K-Thinner<br><br><b>Ready mixed colours dull mattaccording to RAL-F9</b>
Boxed contents: - RAL 6031, RAL 8027, RAL 9021 in 8 l (inkl. Härter)
- RAL 6031 in 24 l (inkl. Härter)
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