Mipa PU 266-70<br>2K PU HS Single Coat satin gloss
High solid 2K polyurethane acrylichigh-build coating with activecorrosion protection in HS-qualitywith high vertical stability up to 250 µm dry film thickness. Suitablefor industrial, high-build andhigh-quality coating of machines,construction components,constructions and constructionmachinery. For interior and exterioruse. Direct adhesion on iron, steeland zinc.<br>Mixing ratio: 8:1 by weight<br> 6:1 by volume<br>Hardener: Mipa PU 916-10, PU 916-25<br>Mixing ratio: 6:1 by weight<br> 4:1 by volume<br>Hardener: Mipa HS<br>Thinner: Mipa 2K-Thinner
Colors: - Pricegroup 3
- Pricegroup 2
- Pricegroup 1
Boxed contents: 20 kg
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