Mipa PU 250-30<br> Mipa PU 250-50<br> Mipa PU 250-70<br> Mipa PU 250-90<br> 2K-Streichlack
Two-component polyurethane-acrylic-paintfor brushing and rolling o interior andexterior use o thick-film qualityThick-film, highest quality, good levellingqualities, two-component polyurethaneacrylic-enamelwithlongopen-timefor thehighqualitycoatingof doors,windows,facades,machineryandconstructionsonsteel,aluminiumand galvanisedsurfaces.Alsosuitableforthe applicationbyspray!MR:10:1 byweight/ 8:1 byvolumeHardener:MipaPUR Plus-HärterA 60.<br><b>Consumption:approx.5,2- 5,8m²/kg<br><br> Further colours as PU 250-30, PU 250-50, PU250-70 and PU 250-90 available by the tintingsystem Mipa Pro Mix® Industry. </b>
Boxed contents: - 5 kg
- 20 kg
- 1 kg
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