Mipa PU 164-20
2K PU HB Primer

High-quality 2K polyurethaneacrylic primer with active corrosionprotection, high vertical stability andexcellent adhesion on iron, steel,zinc and aluminium. Recoatable withMipa 1K-and 2K-paints. Can be usedas adhesion promoter, primer andfiller. Free from chromate and lead.Wet-on-wet application is possible.

Mixing ratio: 10:1 by weight
7:1 by volume
Hardener: Mipa H, PU 900-25
Thinner: Mipa 2K-Thinner
Colors: - Pricegroup 3
- Pricegroup 2
- Pricegroup 1
Boxed contents: 20 kg
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