Mipa EP 140-30
2K EP Primer Filler

Chromate-free 2K epoxy resinprimer surfacer for steel, zinc,aluminium and fibreglass. Very goodoverspray absorption, fast dryingand very good levelling propertiesguarantee a fast overcoatability withperfect gloss retention. Recoatable with polyester-spray, filler or putty and as a wet-on-wet filler. Theproduct is therefore perfectly suitablefor high-qualityindustry andcommercialvehicle construction.

Mixing ratio: 3:1 by weight
2:1 by volume
Hardener: Mipa EP 905-05
Thinner: Mipa 2K-Verdünnung
Colors: - white
- grey
Boxed contents: 15 kg
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