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The right product for every application – be it car-refinishing, industrial coatings, aerosols, wall and façade paints or wood coatings. MIPA offers coordinated system solutions that complement each other perfectly.


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Car refinishing

MIPA offers a comprehensive range of vehicle refinish paints in a wide variety of variants. Putties, primers, fillers, clearcoats and several additional products are available for the most diverse requirements and applications. 

Mipa mixing systems allow any desired colour shade to be produced from a few basic components according to the customer's specifications. Highest precision in production and formulation are the key to the success of these mixing systems.

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MIPA offers a wide range of individual services and products in the field of industrial coating. We determine an optimal overall concept based on the size of the company, the techniques used, the objects to be painted and the required characteristics.

The tinting systems Pro Mix® Industry and Pro Mix® Aqua ensure immediate availability of thousands of different shades, also for completely newly developed paint products – and that even for the smallest purchase quantities.

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Mipa aerosols are available in numerous variants that open up countless areas of application.

Aerosols for special substrates such as plastics or for applications that require a particularly high level of corrosion protection are just as much a part of the Mipa Aerosols range as sprays for quick spot repairs in car refinishing.

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The variety of substrates, quality requirements and application conditions make a wide range of products necessary.

The Pro Mix® Decorative mixing system provides countless colour ranges and shades for the design of rooms and facades, which can be coated in various qualities depending on the intended use.

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Wood coatings

The Rosner brand, as a specialist in the refinement of wooden surfaces, has stood for the combination of product quality with the requirements of trade and industry for 100 years. Today, under Rosner, the Mipa Group offers a complete range of products for almost all surface finishing applications on wood.

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MP Non-Paints

Under its brand Mipa Non-Paints, MIPA offers a comprehensive range of accessories for all work steps in painting and varnishing. In addition to abrasives and polishes as well as products for bonding, sealing or masking, MP also supplies appropriate tools as well as cleaning products and personal protection equipment. The focus is always on quality, efficiency and usability.

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