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As one of the leading suppliers of aerosols in the professional sector, MIPA offers spray cans for a wide range of applications. Mipa aerosols are characterised above all by their easy handling. Special spray systems allow very precise application to a wide variety of surfaces.

In addition to the 1K sprays, such as for filling and priming, acrylic paint sprays or clear coats, the high-quality 2K sprays meet particularly high demands. Aerosols for special substrates such as plastics or for applications that require a particularly high level of corrosion protection are just as much a part of the Mipa Aerosols range as sprays for quick spot repairs in car refinishing. It is always possible to fill aerosols with special products on customer request.

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

To ensure the correct use of our products, please find all our technical data sheets and safety data sheets for download below.