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Wood coatings

The Rosner brand, as a specialist in the refinement of wooden surfaces, has stood for the combination of product quality with the requirements of trade and industry for 100 years. Today, under Rosner, the Mipa Group offers a complete range of products for almost all surface finishing applications on wood.

Besides the core competence in stains, the Rosner product range extends from classic to highly complex 1-component or 2-component water- and solvent-based paint systems, oils and waxes to a variety of additives for woodworking companies.  At the same time, Rosner today provides system solutions for almost all areas of application on wood.

Customers from the trades, such as carpenters and joiners, benefit from decades of experience at Rosner, resulting in high-quality and reliable products. They also appreciate the availability at short notice of numerous special colour shades in custom quantities.

On the other hand, Rosner also offers lacquers for special industrial applications, such as for use in automated coating machines or for curing by UV radiation.

Rosner range

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