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Consumer goods

Individual solutions for coating all surfaces

In the consumer goods industry, it is all about customised solutions according to the area of application of the goods. Mipa coatings are available in a wide variety of products, in different gloss levels, as effect paints and in countless colour variants. In addition, tailor-made products are especially developed on customer request.


Glass coating

High-quality coating for a versatile material: MIPA opens up many possibilities for individual surface design with specially adapted products for glass coating. From hollow glass such as bottles, fragrance bottles and vases to flat glass such as kitchen backsplashes, shop windows and glass doors – there are no limits to applications.

MIPA also offers special effect pigments that impressively set in scene the glass surfaces and enable special haptic features. Among the newly introduced effects are the following variants:

  • metallic/pearl
  • textures
  • hammer finish
  • soft touch
  • crackle effect
  • rust
  • reflecting

Mipa Glass coatings are characterised by their excellent UV and heat resistance. The excellent adhesion combined with the amazing resistance ensures a long-lasting coating of the highest quality. Very good label adhesion is also one of the key advantages of Mipa coatings for hollow glass. At the same time, the hollow glass coatings are dishwasher safe and can therefore be used for coating drinking glasses, for example.

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

To ensure the correct use of our products, please find all our technical data sheets and safety data sheets for download below.