Radar-compatible aircraft painting with metallic finish

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New metal-free Mipa coating systems enable a wide range of effect colours for the painting of aircrafts and helicopters.

Extreme UV radiation, strong and rapid temperature fluctuations, enormous pressure differences, aerodynamic forces and aggressive cleaners are just some of the conditions to which aircrafts are permanently exposed. During normal flight operations, dust particles, ash, sand grains and ice crystals hit the surface of aircrafts at top speeds. In addition, kerosene and lubricating oil residues cause the materials to corrode more quickly if they are not properly protected and sealed. Thus, high-quality paint is not only important for the long-lasting protection of the object, but also contributes significantly towards more safety in air traffic.

Mipa paints combine all these requirements and are now available in an even wider range of colours and effects. Within the successful Mipa BC two-coat mixing system, numerous effect shades that have no influence on radar signals and technical instruments were developed, thanks to a special pigment technology. Especially for light aircrafts, private jets or helicopters, these new shades create more design possibilities for individual customer wishes. More than 50 newly formulated standard colour shades are available from now on, whereas more colour shades and special requests are possible at any time.

A particularly long durability of the coating as well as excellent colour stability and long-lasting gloss are a matter of course. At the same time, Mipa paints provide extreme scratch resistance and protection from dirt. Due to the very high pigmentation of the topcoat and its high opacity, only very thin coats of paint are needed, which leads to a lower weight of the aircraft – this additionally promotes both sustainability and economic efficiency.

Pictures: © Diamond Aircraft