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Mipa Special topcoats

Coatings for particularly special requirements also complement the comprehensive Mipa range. Mipatherm, for example, is a product for areas of applications that require high heat resistance. The Mipa Protector products, on the other hand, are ideally suited for special and extremely resistant protection, e.g. of highly stressed truckbed surfaces.

Technical data sheets / safety data sheets



silver and black

Special paint, highly heat resistant up to 800 °C, e.g. car exhaust.

Item no.:

24651 0001 silver 6 x 750 ml
24654 0001 silver 4 l
24658 0001 silver 20 l
21236 0001 silver 6 x 400 ml, Aerosol
24651 0002 black 6 x 750 ml
24654 0002S black 4 l
24658 0002 black 20 l
21236 0002 black 6 x 400 ml, Aerosol

Mipa Protector

tough – durable – protective

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

To ensure the correct use of our products, please find all our technical data sheets and safety data sheets for download below.