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Mipa putty range

With an extensive overall assortment, MIPA offers a variety of different putty qualities for outstanding results. This includes multi-purpose fillers for universal use, body fillers, soft fillers and fibre fillers. Spray fillers, epoxy-based putties or various special types are also part of the extensive product range.

Technical data sheets / safety data sheets


Mipa P 118 Ultra

Self-levelling 2K polyester lightweight body filler of low viscosity to even dents and irregularities in car repairs.

Item no.: 29601 0000 6 x 1 kg
  29603 0000 4 x 3 kg

Mipa P 182

Pourable 2K polyester fine putty with reduced specific weight to close any small pores that may still be present or to level out small unevenness.

Item no.: 29611 0000 6 x 850 ml

Mipa P 111

Low-viscosity 2-component polyester lightweight putty for levelling dents and irregularities in car repairs.

Item no.: 29621 0000  

Mipa P 97 SWITCH

Version of the Mipa P 97 type that changes colour during the curing process.

Item no.: 29262 0002 6 x 1,6 kg

Styrene-free putty

Mipa P 97 SF

MIPA presents Mipa P 97 SF, a styrene-free version of the well-known multi-purpose putty Mipa P­97. This creamy PE-multi-soft putty allows efficient applications with a minimum impact on health.

More and more legal restrictions as well as reservations against styrene in the field of occupational health and safety increase the demand for styrene-free putties. Mipa P 97 SF meets this requirement without compromising on quality. Processing and quality do not differ from the conventional putty.

Also the price-performance ratio is attractive. Thus, occupational safety and efficiency can be combined.

Item no.: 29661 0000 12 x 1 kg

Styrene-reduced putty assortment

With a comprehensive range of styrene-reduced polyester fillers, MIPA offers numerous filler qualities with low styrene content that are also available in small packaging.

After the revision of the Banned Chemicals Ordinance in early 2017, the sale of polyester putties, containing more than 10% styrene to private individuals has been banned. In response to these legal requirements, MIPA has developed a complete range of styrene-reduced putties. Thanks to a significantly reduced proportion of the reactive thinner styrene, these products are no longer subject to the Banned Chemicals Ordinance and can therefore be offered to all customers.

Packaging options

Mipa Putty in plastic bags

Especially stabilised plastic bags are a new type of packaging for Mipa putties. The products can be easily transported to the place of use, can be completely emptied and subsequently help to generate less waste. In addition, even at extreme temperatures, the contents are perfectly protected from drying-out thanks to the small opening.

If you are interested, we are happy to show you the possibilities of the new packaging.

Mipa P 88 and P 44 in new packaging

One- and two-component Mipa putties with high viscosity will be available in a new packaging in the future.  Thanks to the special shape, the putty Mipa P 88 and the pore filler Mipa P 44 can be easily dispensed from the new bottle. The packaging can be stored upside down, so that the bottle can be completely emptied.

Item no.: 28960 0000 Mipa P 88
  22511 0000 Mipa P 44

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

To ensure the correct use of our products, please find all our technical data sheets and safety data sheets for download below.