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Mipa OC mixing system

The high-solid topcoat system Mipa OC stands for ease of use, quality and efficiency. At the same time, greater time and material savings, as well as a significant reduction in emissions of solvents and other pollutant substances result in greater protection of users, energy sources and the environment.

The excellent hiding power reduces the number of necessary spray passes. Given this and the fact that less thinner is added, significantly reduce the solvent emission. In addition, short application and drying times reduce energy consumption in the paint booth.

Mipa WBC mixing system

Water-based topcoat systems are state of the art since the implementation of the VOC-Directive in Europe and other parts of the world. Experiences over the last years and decades as well as the development of new raw materials lead to a consistent improvement of paint systems of MIPA.

The Mipa WBC mixing system not only meets legal standards, but also combines excellent quality with maximum process reliability and ease of application.

Mipa BC mixing system

The Mipa BC basecoat system covers the entire two-coat and effect colour range with a small number of tinters. This top-class paint system is characterised by high efficiency, exact and brilliant colour shades as well as maximum ease of application.

Unlike conventional two-coat systems, Mipa BC has a much higher concentration of pigments and ensures significantly lower material consumption due to a particularly smooth surface.

Mipa PUR HS mixing system

Mipa PUR HS is a high-quality mixing system for coating large vehicles. This paint system combines economic and cost-saving application with first-class finish and look. Particularly high light fastness and weather resistance, shorter application and drying times as well as excellent gloss and flow ensure perfect results without compromising on ease of application. In addition to the solid colours for commercial vehicles, Mipa PUR HS covers all important standard series and a wide colour range that is continuously being expanded.

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

To ensure the correct use of our products, please find all our technical data sheets and safety data sheets for download below.