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Colour matching

Colours with a system

When refinishing, choosing the right colour shade is the key to a perfect result. Finding this shade is often time-consuming and complicated given the many factors that need to be taken into account and the continuously growing variety of colours. MIPA offers the user professional and innovative tools to make the search for the perfect colour fast and efficient.

Mipa Color System

With Mipa Color System III, the search for the perfect colour shade is made much easier. The colour samples are sorted chromatically according to colour groups. Standard colours, variants and annual colour charts are on one colour chart and very similar colours can be compared easily with each other. The complete system is supplied in a wall-mounted lockable metal cabinet. A simple lock ring allows convenient sorting of future updates for which every colour swatch provides sufficient place. There is also a pure solid colour system available for users of the 2K-systems Mipa OC or Mipa PUR HS. 

All colour samples are provided with the Mipa Color System colour code. Thanks to a barcode-imprint, the colour code can also be transferred to the MipaMix software by scanner in order to save time spent on manual input and to avoid errors.


MipaMix 5.0 and MipaMix Elite are more than just formulation programs. These software solutions are the result of MIPA's many years of experience with colour shades in the most compact form possible.

Numerous features make the software a professional tool:

  • All colour shades can be displayed on the screen, an “electronic colour chart” has been created.
  • All measurements made with the MipaMix SSP device can be compared directly to the best hits of the database on the screen. Furthermore, the database hits can be corrected and adapted to the sample if the first hits do not seem to be sufficiently accurate.
  • When mixing, the paint can already be adjusted ready for spray application. All other additional coating materials can be also mixed by means of this program and adjusted to desired applications and to processing conditions.
  • Besides standard colour formulations, users can create their own databases as many as they want. 
  • The weighing of mixtures can be recorded and saved as individual formulation with individual annotations and finally retrieved later on. This enables the user also to determine exactly the paint consumption per job.

MipaMix SSP

X-Rite MA 3

The portable spectrophotometer compares colour samples with its formulation database of the selected Mipa mixing system by measuring them at several angles. There are over 20 times more colours to be compared than in a colour chart.  The user gets suggestions and evaluations for colour shades that match the sample. Since the measurements can be taken and stored without a computer, there is no need to change the workflow or set-up in the workshop.

  • Multi-angle spectrophotometer with compact design
  • Intuitive handling due touchscreen
  • 11 different languages selectable
  • Naming of measurements on the device possible
  • Measurement port opens and closes automatically
  • 3-pin-system ensures correct positioning
  • Low-maintenance LED technology
  • Calibration lasts for 14 days

Mipa tinting and colorimetric seminar

MIPA offers its own training courses on this extensive and always topical subject. The knowledge and experience of the user combined with the technical possibilities of Mipa mixing systems solve any colour shade problem.