Mipa Clean-Free – Clean-free aerosol filling

The Mipa Clean-Free adapter and the Clean-Free filling caps turn our aerosol filling device D-2014 into a clean-free filling device.

  • compatible with Mipa Aerosol-Abfüllgerät D -2014
  • environmentally friendly due to reusable caps and lids
  • caps and lids are made of recyclable plastic
  • Multiple fillings in the same colour shade without changing the cap and lid are possible
  • caps and lids are available separately
  • saves time and money and protects the environment

Mipa Clean-Free Adapter Set Eco+

item no. 32164 0000

Mipa Clean-Free Eco+ Kappen

item no. 32166 0000

Mipa Clean-Free Eco+ Deckel

item no. 32165 0000

Aerosol filling machine

Mipa Aerosol-Abfüllgerät D-2014

Fully automatic aerosol filling machine for pre-filled spray cans. It can be used with the standard filling jar and piston as well as with clean-free filling systems. Easy operation, pneumatic.

Technical data:

  • height: 61,5 cm
  • length: 22,5 cm
  • depth: 22,5 cm
  • weight: 18 kg

item no. 32150 0014

Elektronisches Sprühdosenabfüllgerät

Fully automatic electronic filling machine for pre-filled aerosols (powered by a 0.12 KW motor).
Fast filling process: up to 150 aerosols per hour
Equipped with a 5 litre bowl

item no. 32128 0000

New products

Mipa Reflektor-Spray

Transparent / grey (by daylight)

Mipa Reflektor-Spray is a marking spray that, thanks to its special pigmentation, guarantees excellent light reflection in the dark. Surfaces coated with Mipa Reflektor-Spray reflect incident light extremely effective and this way the surfaces “light up". The effect is comparable to e.g. traffic signs that reflect the car headlights at night. Mipa Reflektor-Spray is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

1 / 3
2 / 3
3 / 3

item no. 68242 0000

Mipa Abbeizer-Spray

whitish, milky

Mipa Abbeizer-Spray is a sprayable paint stripper without CFC, NMP and aromatics for removing old paint and varnish layers based on oil, nitro, dispersion or synthetic resin from all common substrates like stone, wood and metal. In addition, Mipa Abbeizer-Spray can also be used on following plastic substrates without etching them: POM, PVC, PC and PP-EPDM.

item no. 21258 0000

Mipa 1K-UV-Füller-Spray


High-quality, UV-drying filler for fast and economic refinishing, which can be sanded after only 5 minutes of radiation with an UV LED lamp or mercury vapour lamp. Thus, significant savings can be realised by eliminating heating-related costs. After curing, the filler surfaces provide a very good resistance to mechanical stress and chemical agents. Particularly suitable for partial car coatings and spot repairs. Very good adhesion on steel, iron, aluminium and galvanized substrates. In addition, it offers direct adhesion on the following substrates: PU, ABS, PVC, PC and PS.

item no. 21377 0000